What is the Typical Provigil Online Price?

What is Provigil?

Provigil is an prescription medication that works to boost the mental abilities of your brain. It can work similarly to caffeine, but stronger, more efficiently, and without cons that come along with them. It is popularly used to help people who have problems staying awake, and can often be used to help stabilize and boost moods. It does not have the same erratic side effects as other smart drugs, which is what makes it more widely popular then other smart drugs. When purchasing online, prices can be wildly different. Online pharmacies may realize that it is a hot medication right now, and bump their prices up higher than they should, or pharmacies can have such low prices that you are not sure if you are buying the real deal. The Provigil online price will vary depending on the online pharmacy.

Modafinil Store

Do not be alarmed by the name of this online pharmacy, as modafinil is the generic name of Provigil. As the name would imply, the online pharmacy specializes in the sale of modafinil and eugeroics which keep the mind awake and alert. The Modafinil Store is a part of the IAS Group, which stands for International Antilaging Systems. The group was established in order to provide the world with the most effective specialist productivity medications. They established themselves over 15 years ago in order to provide the world with smart products that will benefit their health, well-being, and longevity. Provigil online price for the Modafinil Store is $189.99, for thirty 100 mg tabs. You can also find the generic and off brand versions of the drugs for more affordable prices.


Mod Up

Mod Up is another online pharmacy which offers modafinil and its other versions for low prices. They began with the aim of making modafinil available to people all over the world. Accessibility and affordability are the top two limiting factors when trying to gain access to modafinil. However, they make it exceptionally easy to purchase. They have a variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and bitcoin. These payment methods are every expanding, and now include Pay Pal and prepaid cards. The offer one of the lowest Provigil online price, only charging $1.20 per 200 mg of the medication. Mod Up makes it easy to understand each payment method, as well as the safest way to use and take modafinil.


There are many locations on the Internet which will boast the lowest prices for the most high quality products. Provigil online price can fluctuate wildly when there is little to accurately regulate the prices. But the Modafinil Store and Mod Up online pharmacies do a wonderful job of finding the highest quality medications for the most affordable prices. They are safe, secure, and care about the wellbeing of their customers more than making money. With this kind of mentality, it is easy to see why they are some of the highest selling modafinil offering online pharmacies.

motmotWhat is the Typical Provigil Online Price?