Basics When You Buy Imovane

Imovane, which is the brand name for zopiclone, is used to treat sleep defects and disorders, namely insomnia. It works to keep you asleep longer without waking you up during the night. It is a powerful hypnotic agent, and can drastically improve the quality and amount that you are able to get per night. It is often prescribed by doctors for those with chronic sleeplessness. However, it should not be used for more than 4 weeks. It is most commonly prescribed for 2 to 4 weeks at one time. It is rarely used chronically, as it has addictive tendencies that can be detrimental to users. It has been used in lower doses as a medication for depression when necessary. The typical dose is 7.5 milligrams for adults under the age of 65, but that dose is cut in half for anyone over the age of 65, due to the risk of damage to the heart.


There are several dangers about imovane that should be taken into consideration before users take it. It has the possibility to be addictive for those who are susceptible, and even for those who are not susceptible. It can be a dangerous slope to fall down. If you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse you should be exceptionally careful when using this medication. Because it can be addictive, it is only taken in small doses for short periods of time. The longest that it is reasonably prescribed is 4 weeks, while the minimum prescription is for 2 weeks.

When used in the elderly, those who are older than 65, the dose must be cut in half in order to avoid overstraining the heart. Imovane has a strong negative effect on the heart, and can change its ability to pump properly. It can also effect the memory of any users, which can be dangerous. It should never be taken when you do not have enough time to get a complete 6 hours of sleep uninterrupted.

Side Effects

Beyond the mentioned dangers, there are several less drastic side effects about imovane that could effect your day to day living. These can include dry mouth, headaches, bitter taste, drowsiness, heart burn, nausea, stomach aches, impotence, and sleep walking. These side effects can be treated and handled should they arise during your treatment, but they should not be left unreported to your doctor.


The most important information that should be known when you buy Imovane, It can be very powerful hypnotic agent that helps it’s users to fall asleep and stay asleep faster and without any interruption. For those for whom sleep is an issue, you can take this medication. You should be sure to give yourself at least 6 hours of time that you can sleep without needing to operate any heavy machinery. It should be taken under the guide of a doctor, so that they can watch out for any of the potential dangers that can accompany this medication.

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