Ativan Product Description

What is the Ativan product description?

Mainstream Ativan is manufactured as an anti-anxiety pill, which uses the ingredients made up of 4-benzodiazepine – 2-1, hydroxyl-2//-1, and 7-chloro-5-(o-chlorophenyl)-1-3.

First produced as a white powder (in water it becomes near insoluble), before it is then created into numerous pill forms divided into different measurements and strengths.

Ativan also uses inactive ingredients such as magnesium stearate, polacrilin potassium, lactose monohydrate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Ativan product description – The different strengths

Ativan comes in a variant number of strengths, targeted for the different levels of anxiety and depression that patients can suffer from.

  • 0.5mg of lorazepam.
  • 1 mg of lorazepam.
  • 2 mg of lorazepam.

Is the generic version of the Ativan product description only available?

Cheaper versions of the drug are also available, whereby the product is not manufactured by the big corporate brands, which can save you huge amounts if you need to cut your spending on the drug.

However, you must be always cautious when going down this road. Always ensure the product is being sold by a reputable pharmacy, and is accepted by the medical community. You can do this by:

  • Checking they are listed and recognized by the governing medical body of medicine.
  • That the seller has present, or shown proof, of their pharmaceutical license.
  • It is always worth checking out medical forums, and checking to see what comments and feedback that customers have left.

This should ensure you are buying from a proper pharmacist, and not run the risk of buying a bad batch, which could in turn be lethal if made incorrectly, or the dosage and ingredients isn’t accurate.

Should I buy Ativan without a prescription?

Although Ativan is available from most online outlets without the need of a prescription, it is highly advised to always seek your doctor before starting use of the drug. As the drug offers very severe negative side-effects, and the dangers of an overdose if taken incorrectly, then you should have a consultation and an assessment so you can minimize the risks beforehand.

It is also essential that you should be monitored on the first phase of the treatment, as to make sure you are not suffering from negative symptoms, and for the doctor to change the dosage if required.

What are the negative side-effects from Ativan?

Any abnormality, or change to your body after consuming Ativan should immediately be brought to the attention of a medical healthcare professional. But these are the more common symptoms:

  • High levels of aggression, paranoia, or hostility towards others.
  • Loss of co-ordination, balance, and motor skills.
  • A loss sense of reality, confusion, dizziness or hyperactivity.
  • Nausea, headaches, and hot flushes.
  • Depressive moods, feelings of suicide, or hurting yourself.
  • Heightened sense of confidence – taking risks, putting yourself or others at danger, no sense of fear.
  • Fainting, seizures, or panic attacks.

Can Ativan be an addictive substance?

Without a controlled guideline on dose consumption, you can run into the risk of becoming dependent on the substance.

Psychological dependence – Your brain will think the only way to resolve feelings of anxiety is to have the drug, so when the user faces them situations, he/she will want to take the medication, and will otherwise be further anxious if the drug isn’t available. This can then lead to a regular drug habit.

Physical dependence – If you are taking the drug over a long period, in high doses, then you will experience very severe withdrawal symptoms if you were to stop taking them. When wishing to come off Ativan, always seek help for a doctor for a more gradual dose reducing plan.

Always follow the instructions on your Ativan Product description, and always be monitored by your doctor.

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