What is the Safe Place to Buy Meds Online?

There Are Many Dangerous and False Online Pharmacies

As the prices of drugs increase around the world, the prevalence of online pharmacies will naturally increase as well. Online pharmacies market themselves as being the cheaper and more convenient option for people around the world. A man in the United States, where prescriptions can cost upwards of several hundred dollars, can buy medications in the United Kingdom, Mexico, or Canada for almost half of that price. The beauty of the world today, is that man can buy these drugs from international markets without needing to travel to these locations. There can be a safe place to buy meds online.

However, with this beauty comes danger. Many con artists set up fake online pharmacies which sell false and counterfeit drugs that can be dangerous to ingest. In order to prevent yourself from wasting your money on fake drugs, you should always check the source of the drugs, and the reputation of the pharmacy. Canada is one of the most popular countries to purchase drugs from, and offers the Canadian International Pharmacy Association as a way to list the pharmacies that have legitimate and regulated drugs that can be sold to patients across the world.

What is the Canadian International Pharmacy Association?

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association, or CIPA, has been in business since 2002, and has worked to provide quality medications and drugs to those around the world. It is an association of Canadian licensed pharmacies that have proven track records of providing a safe  place to buy meds online and secure drugs to people around the world.

CIPA has a spotless safety record, and only allows the most legitimate businesses into the list. They have united with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or CAFC in order to weed out the hollow and fake pharmacies. This union helps make sure that all of the pharmacies that they recommend are legal and legitimate.

How Do I know a Pharmacy is Real?

For every pharmacy that CIPA and the CAFC deems as legitimate, their website will show the CIPA logo on the page. This logo will signify that the pharmacy is a safe place to buy meds online from. In order to maximize your protection online, if you are buying from Canada, it is important to look for this logo before giving away your credit card numbers or taking medications from a site.

CIPA ensures that each patient is satisfied, and makes sure that every purchase of medications come in quantities that last 90 days. In comparison to the United States, drugs offered by CIPA will cost patients and users up to 80% less. The United States is the leader consumer of CIPA drugs and medications. CIPA also checks the background and prescription of consumers to ensure that there is nothing illegal or abusive on that end as well.

Every drug purchase will still require a prescription from a valid doctor or health care providers. Without these prescriptions, CIPA will not allow any drugs to ship. All drugs are checked for quality and safety, with a 100% safety guarantee. CIPA will find the safe place online to buy meds.

motmotWhat is the Safe Place to Buy Meds Online?

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